Auctions...Every type of asset, a variety of methods.










Consultation - From the first conversation, we identify your needs and address them.

  • Your assets deserve to be marketed in the best light possible. Our years of experience will identify the market, address it and bring bidders to your event.
  • We offer both live, on-site auctions as well as internet bid auctions. We put the power of the web to work for you in the sale of your assets. From our initial contact, we will help identify which method will produce the greatest interest and return for your auction event.
  • Our wide range of experience enables us to offer you options that will ensure we create the greatest amount of interest and competition to purchase your assets at auction.

The Event - We create the excitement, you reap the benefits.

  • All the planning in the world is worthless unless you have an auctioneer that can excite and connect with the crowd. Bryan Knox is a internationally recognized champion auctioneer with experience in network television and is a master at connecting with all types of bidders.
  • Our Internet auctions also create an exciting atmosphere of competitive bidding. Internet auctions have proven over and over to be an excellent choice in a variety of situations. We are proud to offer both live and internet auctions to provide you with services tailored to your unique situation.

Real Estate, Bankruptcy Assets, Business Dispersals, you name it, we can sell it.

  • Our real estate auctions are brokered through our sister company Knox Realty a full service real estate brokerage. This alliance will prove most helpful as we engage the traditional brokerage community to also participate by bringing potential buyers for your real estate assets.
  • We have experience with all types of personal property assets including, but not limited to; equipment, antiques, autos, ATV's, inventory, precious metals and jewelry, complete collections, etc.